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I've never submitted anything before. How does that work?

Well, you send it through the ask, we have it in our inbox, it gets made in the order we receive it and we post it. 

Dead but delicious is a joke from vladilsav the poker In the movie what we do in the shadows. I'm sorry. I was looking through the most popular confessions and saw one referencing that movie and thought it would be clear. And fantabulous I got from Harley quinn. I know you guys seem to have had a rough go of it in the inbox lately. Just wanted to show a little light support!!

Oh! Okay. Thanks for the love! 

Everytime a bitch calls someone a sexist/misogynistic, I say: at least we ain’t a ugly feminist! And my bros laugh out loud while the dumbass girl cries like a stupid 9 year old

Wow. This absolutely tasteless and pathetic annonymous. You need a fucking life…but something tells me you never will. Also seems like you and your buds will never know what it’s like to have a girlfriend either anonymous. 

You’re trash. 

I hope you dead but delicious mods are having a fantabulous day!

Us DEAD BUT DELICIOUS MODS….dead? What are you getting at with that anonymous? Quite confused to be honest with you. 

The way many confessions get framed only continues to prove a fucking point. When the diversity that gets pushed in comics consistently craps on beloved majority characters like they only represent their group, when the story quality (art and writing) is garbage, when the content revolves around hating others, being oppressed, and revenge fantasies… it creates people who assume any diversity is miserable like that. It creates bigots who just oppose diversity and celebrate when it fails.

SHC, the confession about Margot Robbie getting cast as Harley because she can open her mouth really wide actually seems fucked up. Idk if you caught it with how many confessions you get but it's implying she only got cast because she had oral sex with someone influential. She's a real person. Generally I think no censorship of confessions, but you've mentioned having certain boundaries. Is that within them?

Yeah, that completely slipped by us. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s down. You’re absolutely right. 

Do you generally publish confessions sent in the ask box? Also, how much time usually passes between being sent a confession and it being published; there seem to be a few very old confessions around.

That’s because we only post 8 a day because when we were posting more people vented. 

Do you really have to publish every angry or trolling confession you get? Ppl don’t even care if their rants get posted, they just want to vent it to someone (you)

Well I did say as soon as we ran out of the queue we had up, we were going to start picking through confessions. IF you think something is trolling, well…imagine what we deleted recently. Don’t like, don’t read it. (You) 

 (I confess) Brie 3 16 For she so loved the MCU that she gave her only begotten shred of dignity that whosoever bendeth the knee shall not be flexed upon but shall have diversity and wokeness. This message approved by the people still hanging on and by the motion picture dictatorship of the Gillette Cinematic Universe.

What the fuck did I just read? Do you have a lot of time on your hands anonymous? 

Bless you Mods. You have much more patience for this and dealing with these rude people than most could even dream of asking. That you for this page!