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Alright sound off mods and let us know you're safe and quarantined!!!

Yes. Yes we are. We are thankful enough that we are able to work from home and be okay with it. We send all of our prayers out to everyone and please stay safe. If you have the option, please consider self quarantine. If you are young and you get it, it may not hurt you, but if you get the virus and spread it to someone older or to someone with a pre-exisiting condition you could potentially kill them. So please, if you can be responsible not only for your life, but also for the lives of those around you. 

For those of you that can’t stay home, please be safe and take care of yourself. We are sending you all of our positive thoughts and we hope that everyone manages to be okay. I can’t stress enough to you how scary this actually is and I hope this brings us together as a community more than it does in having us attack each other. 

While our confessions that are sent in are often seen in a negative light, we want the best for everyone and we hope all of you and your families are safe.

Thanks so much for checking in with us anonymous. We appreciate it.  

FYI tumblr lets you block the ips of anonymous asks

If you have a way for us to block one single IP please let me know. Because I’m unaware of how to block just ONE anonymous. Because I’m not going to turn off anonymous because one asshole ruins it. 

Two wrongs don't make a right, admin; maybe you should just delete the asks instead of stooping to their level (or closer to it, given their submissions) and insulting them back.

It’s definitely not a wrong in calling someone out on their bullshit. If you see someone getting bullied and you do nothing about it and you say nothing is that right? This is a case where I have to disagree with you anonymous. 99.8% of the time we delete the confessions like these, but I was disgusted with the way they were talking about women and being racist. I am not someone who accepts bullying, so if you don’t like what I said, I think it’s perfectly acceptable for you to unfollow or block. I don’t like bullies and I’m going to make it known. 

We get literally probably at least get 25-50 of the same kind of confessions a week. We are seeing this non stop. So forgive me if I’m a little bit frustrated with the hate that people display. They were anonymous, if it was someone’s name and tag, I wouldn’t have said what I did. 

Confession. It'd be nice if whoever blackwashed Dinah Lance for birds of prey was made aware that kicking things constantly, making ugly facial expressions, and having an entire fight scene centered around needing a hair tie for your raggedy ass hair are not personality traits and they don't make a character interesting. It also doesn't help cover up this doo doo actress they call casting choice.

Same person who likely I just called out and you’re clearly racist too. Does your hatred hold no boundaries? Get off your ass and actually do something with your time. 

I'm so glad that women overcame so much and fought the patriarchy. It's nice to have strong females like huntress who's only characteristic is holding her arm up. Or Dinah Lance who's only characteristic is kicking things and her nasty hair being in her face. Man what a time to be alive that this was all it took to bring down the patriarchy.

I bet a man wrote this and you really just hate women…and you’re likely the same person who sends us all the confessions like this. Usually, I’d just delete this, but this time I’m going to say maybe you should find something else to do with your hobbies. 

I think you guys get so many "toxic" confessions because regular, charitable discourse is no longer allowed. Nowadays if you say you don't like something people are attacked and called names like sexist, racist etc, instead of maybe listening to see why they don't like something. Yes, there are people who don't like things because of the -isms but those people are a small minority in fandom. Most people don't like something because it doesn't work for them, or destroys legacy characters.

I can understand where you are coming from, but I will say this….daily we are getting very mysognistic awful things that are being said about certain characters. Clearly it’s being done by the same person. We agree that everyone should have a voice and there are things that are certainly racist, sexist, etc. We try to block those out and give people a voice to say whatever they want as long as it isn’t blatantly obvious hate. People do in fact get too easily offended now, but we do acknowledge the extreme cases. 

Would you consider pausing the constant anti Birds of Prey/Margot Robbie confessions for a bit? Or at least tagging for them? There's so many of them lately, it's obviously the same bitter person, and it's pretty exhausting

Yeah, we’re not going to tag anti, but we will from here on be watching closely for them as we do with the Captain Marvel and Sharon Carter things. Everything that is going up right now has been in the queue for quite some time though. So anything coming up soon will be from former things. 

I can’t believe how toxic people are in the confessions & replies. A lot of these people don’t even have all of the info to form an opinion or argument. A majority of confessions are just mean towards characters, actors, or fans of those films or characters w/out real justification for being mean & rude. You don’t have to like it, but you don’t need to be rude & toxic about it. I lack energy & time for this negativity. It’s not the mods. It’s the others here. 2 cents as I leave. GL mods! 🙂

I hear your concerns anonymous. I would rather have people send in positive confessions as well. We’ve tried to push that multiple times. I can understand how things are overwhelming. 

Happy Christmas mods! (If you celebrate) yall bless us all year long and daily with beautiful art and confessions and hard work!!

Sorry for missing this! Hope everyone had a good holiday! 

I meant that every time you answer an ask, it's either rude, sassy, or otherwise obnoxious and it makes the mods seem like real jerks. That does stress people out if that's all they see from a blog besides the confessions.

Oh, we’re rude sassy or otherwise obnoxious and we seem like real jerks? When we have the same misogynistic troll writing us daily awful, awful messages about Captain Marvel? Yeah, okay. Jog on dude. 

If you don’t like what you’re reading, block or blacklist the blog. If someone is being a total DICK, I’m going to call them out on it. Because the person who keeps writing us tacky messages about Captain Marvel, does need a life. There is more in life other than hating a female super hero because they are…female.