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I love how anytime there is a confession about…

I love how anytime there is a confession about not liking BatJokes and you guys use the BatJokes tag, those people get all put out and demand you stop it. You BatJokes people aren't special, just get over it, not everyone likes what you like…just ignore and move on.

We don’t really need to shame those people. They like something and they are just defending it. People do that for everything they like. Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter, Catwoman, Tom Holland, etc. Some are just more verbal than others. If people like BatJokes, they have every right to do so. Just as much right for people to hate them. Just saying. 

SHC mods, do you ever get scared or seriously …

SHC mods, do you ever get scared or seriously upset by people's behavior in confession comments? Some of them have been getting to me lately. It feels like people don't see me as a human being, like they can say or do anything against me and it's fine because my opinion about comics is different. I don't count. Fans debating are no big deal, even character bashing and stupid ship wars are minor. I mean people who form mobs and make personal attacks over this.

Certain people’s behavior is awful, but it doesn’t scare me or upset me. The problem is…people on the internet can only hurt you if you let them. Most of them are anonymous trolls that just want to start shit. It’s not worth the time of day. I would just say it’s best to ignore it. 

/+ I am really sorry and I ask you for underst…

/+ I am really sorry and I ask you for understand what I meant, maybe just some rules in things too hateful that goes beyond "comics"? anywayz i dont wanna judge you guys for real (owners of the blog) ofc you guys dont send the confessions I am just trying to show my view without sounding annoying or rude and if i did I am sorry!

This blog doesn’t stand for anything that is tied to us. None of the confessions are ours which is the first thing I will say. We’ve had this blog for years and we’ve never ever said who we are. Reason being, we don’t want to be connected to this. We’re not out for more followers, we’re not out to get people angry, etc. We’re just running this for people. 

Sadly, I view this blog as a place where we see what the real world is like. Not everything is happy go lucky, you know? And I think that’s what people need to realize. Don’t like something? Just scroll past…or politely state your side of the debate? 

That’s completely possible, you know? 

Hi there not to pester but how long does it ta…

Hi there not to pester but how long does it take for confessions to be posted? I don’t want to bother you or rush you or anything, I’m just curious. Have a good day 😊✌🏻

It’s no bother at all. We usually post 8 a day (as long as our queue doesn’t mess up) and we have quite a few confessions submitted a day so it may take quite some time. We did it where we posted a lot more in a day, but people were getting very angry with us, so we didn’t keep that up for too long. 

I hope this helps somewhat. I’m sorry the process is sadly slow. One day I’ll just ignore the angry people and up the count. I promise. 

having to run this blog seems like it would ta…

having to run this blog seems like it would take a lot of mental power. i hope you guys take care of yourselves. drink water and do wacky things, ily.

Not really a lot of mental power. I think we’ve all experienced our fair share of shitty people. It’s easy to blow of people that really hold no real relevance in your life that just want to be anonymous cyber bullies. 

I love you too though 😀 

You’re only bored cause you know it&rsqu…

You’re only bored cause you know it’s true

You know what I love? That people think by sending stupid messages like this, that it will somehow upset me. I live for that. Because I definitely, DEFINITELY could care less what an anonymous troll thinks. 

Here’s my confession: that the confessio…

Here’s my confession: that the confessions posted on here are shit

You didn't have to give a backhanded/subt…

You didn't have to give a backhanded/subtle insult to the anon who just asked a simple question (mentioning that they chose to attribute x to the blog being bitter instead of y and saying it in a bit of a rude way). That's probably part of what they meant by this blog being bitter.

I don’t think it was a backhanded/subtle insult. But okay. If that’s what you think, I can’t change your mind. 

How can I look for a former confession? It&#03…

How can I look for a former confession? It's not of a famous character, so I can't go to the "Tags" section.

You wouldn’t have to go to the tags section. You can just search for a specific thing by doing whatever you are looking for here

So if I was looking for Superman it would 

I hope this helps! 

Curious, why don't you just ignore these …

Curious, why don't you just ignore these comments that people make? It probably encourages them to keep doing it. Granted people will always be assholes, but there are steps you can take to reduce it. Or at least prevent it from constantly cropping up in the mod commentary posts on this blog. It can sometimes give the blog a very bitter presence.

Think of it this way. We ignore tons and tons of shit, but even if you poke the friendliest lion over and over …and over and over again, they are going to lose their shit. Sometimes, the ignorance gets to us. Can’t really help it. But for you to say that is what gives the blog a bitter presence lol, you would think it was all the negative ass confessions we get. Not us responding to a couple of assholes.