With racism being really big in superhero, gee…

With racism being really big in superhero, geek and Sci Fi fandoms especially when they get a TV show or movie I’m worried that if Static X Frieda ever becomes canon again in comics or becomes canon in a movie or TV show it will get racist backlash in the fandom. The fandom already does it with them shipping Hotgear over Virichie. On the bright side at least Hotgear isn’t a popular ship like all the racist ships created to go against interracial ships.

People don’t realize how much black characters and interracial ships get screwed over in fandoms. Even when they’re some what popular or canon interracial ships with a black person get a lot of racist hate from fandoms. The Flash TV fandom does it with Westallen. The new Star Wars fandom does it with Finnrey. The Walking Dead TV fandom does with Richonne. The Supergirl TV fandom did it with both Karolsen and Guardiancorp and now they’re doing with Alex X Kelly. All these fandoms even have racist ships to go against them like Snowbarry and Reylo. If you don’t think there’s racism in fandoms than you need to attention to when black people talk about fandom racism.

Back to Static X Frieda. Static’s relationship with Frieda is really important to his character. They’re relationship is develop really well in the comics and they have great chemistry together. Besides being a interracial relationship it’s also a interfaith relationship with Frieda being Jewish. It will be very telling when people refuse to ship it.