/+ I am really sorry and I ask you for underst…

/+ I am really sorry and I ask you for understand what I meant, maybe just some rules in things too hateful that goes beyond "comics"? anywayz i dont wanna judge you guys for real (owners of the blog) ofc you guys dont send the confessions I am just trying to show my view without sounding annoying or rude and if i did I am sorry!

This blog doesn’t stand for anything that is tied to us. None of the confessions are ours which is the first thing I will say. We’ve had this blog for years and we’ve never ever said who we are. Reason being, we don’t want to be connected to this. We’re not out for more followers, we’re not out to get people angry, etc. We’re just running this for people. 

Sadly, I view this blog as a place where we see what the real world is like. Not everything is happy go lucky, you know? And I think that’s what people need to realize. Don’t like something? Just scroll past…or politely state your side of the debate? 

That’s completely possible, you know?