After the failure of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infini…

After the failure of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, it would be a great opportunity for Marvel quit their lazy asses for making the lameass MCU games and focus on the Marvel Comics console games like what they doing with Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, especially they need to step the hell away from mobile games. Bring back the Marvel Ultimate Alliance or X-Men Legends series! hell make it something a fresh, excitement and inspire!

For example: make an Assassin Creed Origins-style Black Panther, a sci fi-adventure Fantastic Four, an MGS5-style Captain America, an RPG Dr. Strange, a FFXV style [Claremont & Nakayama’s] ビッグヒーロー6 (it’s Big Heroes 6 in Japanese), and the badassest one, a new better version of hack & slash action-adventure Wolverine!

Plus, they need to replace Marvel Vs. Capcom with X-Men fighting games. MvC series are as good as dead like that Peter’s webline accidentally snapped Gwen Stacy’s neck anyway.