Well I did not mean to offend you guys I just …

Well I did not mean to offend you guys I just genuinely recall you guys being neutral to both sides a while back- but I'll take it back. I just wanted to put it all into perspective that we (the sharon fandom) have dialed down and like I already said we're tired too and been tired. Sharon haters are extremely relentless- yes, and at this point it's beating a dead horse and it's been over two years. We have her back in the comics so it gives us something. Again I'm sorry, and for everything else.

That’s not what I’m mad about anonymous. What I’m mad about is that you said and I quote 

“I know you said you guys are neutral, but…” which insinuates that we say we are neutral, but we aren’t. That’s what pissed me off anonymous. We are neutral. When you add but followed up about how we are constantly posting Sharon negativity, that kind of makes it sound like you are calling us liars.