replied to your post
“I gotta give it to you guys man, I would have banned all Sharon/Peggy…”

Then why the livling fuck do you post it if you hated their confessions/persona?

if you didn’t want them submit, just don’t post it.

Alright, so I’m going to answer this so I make this very clear to everyone. We have always posted everyone’s confession. We refused to be the kind of confessions blog when we first started to only pick and choose what we thought or what we supported. If something was submitted that we hated, we still posted it. On the fact alone that we didn’t want to be the kind of confession’s blog that was one sided….or only allowed people to have our views. 

As far as the Peggy Carter/Sharon Carter war…I’m putting my input in right now because our queue is full of the fandom going back and forth. It’s hard to not accept/put up a confession when you gave your word, you wouldn’t be that kind of blog. We have our rules that we follow, but we’re not going to not put something up because we find it annoying, but I have no problem letting it be known that I think people are immature and need to grow up. 

This is the thing, when we started this way back when, we didn’t know a quarter of the shit that we have learned from this blog. So while the fans of Sharon/Peggy are annoying as shit, I have still learned so much by having this blog with my partner and I have to say those are the reasons we keep doing what we are doing. Learning new things make the super hero fandom so much fun for us and even though life has become so much busier than it used to be, we really do what we do for the people that aren’t annoying and just want a platform to share their view without getting attacked and for us to enjoy learning. 

Really at the end of the day, if nothing is proven by the Peggy/sharon fans, they confirm that if you have a difference of opinion, people are always willing to attack you for it.