*nac. I know you guys don't get nearly th…

*nac. I know you guys don't get nearly the love you should. You've done this for years. Beautiful edits without censoring people (that's amazing on its own especially here on this hellsite) and you queue up confessions daily. I honestly think you're one of the longest running blogs on this site and I know the negativity has to be wearing and I hate some confessions are worded so poorly they have to be deleted but thank you thank you thank you for all you do. Salute!

Thanks mate! To be honest with you, i know that a lot of the confessions are terrible. I know a lot of them are negative. My partner and I much prefer positive confessions. Hell, I like when we get a confession that has nothing to do with the stuff we get all the time because it gives us a break. People suck. They really do. We’ve learned that from running this blog, but we’ve also learned people are sensitive. Yes, lots of people are total dicks and I can understand people getting upset over confessions – but at the same time, if nothing, our blog shows what people can really be like. We just post the confession, it’s not ours. In the long run, we have made none of the confessions from our own personal opinions. 

People can think what they want to about us, but this is why we’ve never shared our personal blogs. We don’t need people attacking us for the views of people that submit to this blog. I have no idea how many times we can say that this shit doesn’t come from us. 

Thanks for thanking us, but I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that damn our existence.