What’s troubling about the Sharon Carter dia…

What’s troubling about the Sharon Carter dialogue is how supposed feminist are missing the point of the argument against her. People aren’t upset by what she did in CW. Sharon is hated because of why she did it. Yes, she helped Steve – told him where Bucky was, got his gear back, etc. No one who speaks against Sharon is disputing what she did in canon. The problem people have with her is why she did it. In canon, Sharon only helped Steve because she was sexually interested in him.

That’s the only motivation she shows on screen in canon. And if the deleted scenes had stayed in, it would have been even more explicitly stated that Sharon’s only interest in helping Steve was because she was attracted to his Captain America persona. What Sharon did in the movie and the fact that Steve kissed her aren’t why Sharon is so broadly hated by woke women.

It’s offense to have a character whose sole motivation for their actions on screen is interest in a man, especially in this case where the female character committed treason over her interest in that man. So many people have a problem with Sharon because of her motivation in CW, not her actions. And they frankly should because what her actions were in the movie were overshadowed by the why. The why she did what she did is why so many people rightly hate and criticize Sharon Carter.