Static (Virgil Hawkins) would be the perfect f…

Static (Virgil Hawkins) would be the perfect film franchise (outside of Wonder Woman) to help get DC movies back on the right track and compete with Marvel.

  1. In being younger, the tone is guaranteed to be more light-hearted.
  2. Having a young superhero means you can introduce (and re-introduce) your other classic DC superheroes from the perspective of a young and idealistic kid who may look up to them.
  3. He’s the perfect answer to Spider-Man. In that both are high-school aged superheroes who live in the USA, but Static offers a completely different approach to the concept (for one, some of his fellow classmates get superpowers).
  4. Not only does he offer representation, but he offers it in a way that not even Marvel’s current line-up of black heroes does: He comes from an identifiable background. He’s not ex-military, he’s not the king of a nation, he’s just a kid living with his single father and sister.