I was a huge fan of comic book Sharon Carter…

I was a huge fan of comic book Sharon Carter. When TWS came out I wasn’t thrilled with how little she was used, but still had hope. Then CW happened. Then, Sharon helped Steve without any real explanation as to why, puckered up and disappeared in 20 mins. Marvel didn’t give her any real screen time or any characterization. Marvel reduced her to plot exposition. Marvel used her as a no-homo to counter a gay ship.

They made this awesome character nothing but a love interest. (A female character can be more than that, but Sharon sure as hell wasn’t.) When I go online to commiserate with my fellow Sharon fans about how badly she was used though, I get ripped apart because I refused to try and make it seem like her shit part in the movie mattered. I was attacked by my own fandom for calling out what every movie goer and reviewers saw:

a female character thrown into a badly done romance tacked on to a funeral (beyond inappropriate) because she had to kiss the gay away. I can’t stand the sight of Sharon in the MCU or the comics anymore because so many Sharon fans ripped into me for refusing to be “positive” and pretend that Sharon’s role mattered in the MCU. It didn’t. Marvel did her wrong, but it was Sharon Carter fans blind efforts to make her seem better than she was at all cost that ruined her.