Sharon Carter fans hate Peggy/Hayley for makin…

Sharon Carter fans hate Peggy/Hayley for making Peggy bigger and more important than Sharon ever was or will be in the MCU and in the comics. Peggy is dead and still may come back. Sharon? Nope. She was so hated we will never see her again thank god.

Hey, do me a favor. This is a confessions site. I realize Peggy Carter fans and Sharon Carter fans want to rip each other’s throats out, but guess what? It’s pathetic. You guys can like Sharon Carter or Peggy Carter without attacking each other. One thing you guys have taught me running this blog with my partner…you group of fans are some of the most immature tumblr people I’ve ever run into on here. AND THAT says a A LOT! 

Not everyone is bad in a fandom, but my God, get over yourselves. Some people like Peggy. Some people like Sharon. Some people hate Sharon. Some people hate Peggy. 

Also, anonymous, guaranteed, you don’t speak for the entire Sharon Carter fandom. Especially when you aren’t even part of it. 

I will be thanking God when these two fandoms grow the fuck up, but I doubt that will ever happen. So I will just have to be an adult and instead of getting pissed that someone is annoying me, I’m going to be an adult and get over it. Like a majority of you immature fandoms should do. 

This is also directed at the Talia Al Ghul/Catwoman fandom war as well.