I am not pro or anti Sharon but I've noti…

I am not pro or anti Sharon but I've noticed that the anti-Sharon confessions that get submitted to your blog are eerily similar or the same to the ones in a certain anti-Sharon blog (yes it exists). Pretty sure you're getting spammed with that stuff at this point. Also I want to comment that your Tony Stark pic is perfect, I feel like you make that face every time you get this type of shit in your inbox.

We’ve noticed anytime someone makes a positive or negative post of either Sharon or Peggy, the opposite floods the inbox with confessions about the other. It really just gets old. We get that people hate characters, but the fandom wars are so stupid. 

I’m part of a fandom where it is full of wars (outside of the comic fandom) and I like a character that is very much hated. I will get people sending me hate just because I like this character, but instead of like attacking the other people, I just show complete respect for others. I answer like an adult. I handle it like an adult. I just remind people that hey, we all have different opinions. If you hate this character, that’s fine. You’re allowed to, but just because I like this character, doesn’t mean that you have the right to tell me what a terrible person I am or how wrong I am for liking the character. We’re all part of the same fandom (tv show, films, company, etc) – we should be able to get along and be okay with the fact that people like different things. 

The problem we have is that it gets old. We get it, you have a ship you love. You have a character you love. But you should be mature enough to realize, hey…not everyone has the same opinions, I disagree with them, but I’m not gonna be an asshole, BUT – today’s society tells us… “Hey, if this person doesn’t agree with me, attack! Because I’m right.” 

And that mentality disgusts me. People need to grow up. End of story. 

This is actually the face I probably have the most while reading through the immature confessions.